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Domain Flipping

December 12th 2019 4:47PM
Targeted flipping means buying a domain with the intention of a quick sale, to an existing company, at a retail valuation. The platform has seen more ...

How to Respond to a Domain Inquiry

December 12th 2019 4:26PM
A In this article we will consider a number of things you can do to can increase the odds that a domain inquiry turns into a sale. $1995

December 12th 2019 4:20PM
An approachable and friendly domain name which would be perfect for a company in the e-commerce, wellness or fitness sectors.

Planned $1.1B Sale of .Org Angers Many Open Source Crypto Developers

December 12th 2019 3:56PM
In the world of open-source software, a .org top-level domain - think and - has always been an imprimatur of philosophical ...

Economist Dean Baker: Systematic Change Needed to Fight Big Pharma Price Gouging

December 12th 2019 3:11PM
Gilead reported HIV medication sales of $14.6 billion in 2018. ... resources on legal strategies to avoid their drugs entering the public domain, at which ...

a luxury Villa/Townhouse for sale in Mougins, Alpes-Maritimes Property ID:3392107

December 12th 2019 2:53PM
Christie's International Real Estate in Mougins, Alpes-Maritimes represented by of Michaël Zingraf - Mougins.

Sedo End User Case Study:

December 12th 2019 2:31PM
I did purchase first because it was a faster process to acquire it directly from the domain investor that had listed it for sale. I was also able ...
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